THEM are proud to be the design and brand management partner to the two-family business Sandlund/Hossain, creating their new bag collection and upgraded brand insights. 

To order your very own bag, visit Sandlund/Hossain website here


THEM Partner is a continuously contracted copartner to Sandlund/Hossain where our roll comprises:

  • Product design

  • Sustainable product development advisory

  • Pattern making

  • Brand management + story telling

  • Visual identity



Sandlund/Hossain pass on the legacy of the 118 years old spruce bark tannery in Böle in northern Sweden in combination with the craftsmanship from the Hossain factory in Bagatipara, Bangladesh. 

Through an admirable, small scale and sustainable production process, Sandlund/Hossain employees 30 artisans in their studio. The collection consist of carefully made bags and wallets from custom developed vegetable tanned leather.  The lining is plant colored hand woven textile from the women´s cooperative The Swallows. And thanks to working without any middle hands, Sandlund/Hossain can keep a reasonable price for a premium quality bag.