How circular and sustainable can a restaurant system be? Restauranglabbet (The Restaurant Laboratory) is an innovation project where we examine how far one can go this coming decade. It is an analysis and an ambition to develop an open-source platform with maximum economic, environmental and social sustainability impact. The result is a materialized vision and meeting place for knowledge transmission and inspiration where we can share insights on what is possible now and where we need to put resources on development.


THEM Partner is the initiator to Restauranglabbet in collaboration with Miljögiraff, Material Challenge Lab, Stefan Eriksson, Johan Gottberg and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.



THEM Partner´s contribution:

  • living lab” - a newly established method where design is used as a driving force for sustainable conversions.

  • design thinking - user centered methods

  • cross-disciplinarily in practice

  • systematized sustainability design management

  • experience design

  • circular business development

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